Is there any open source tool for RPA (Robotic process Automation)?

We want to build a RPA software. The definition of RPA: A software 'robot' is a software application that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer … system. I searched RPA open-source software several days. Is there any open-source tools for RPA? I know some commercial software like "BluePrism", "OpenSpan", etc. Thanks for your advise


  • Robotic Process Automation, though a buzzword equivalent to Business Process Administration (BPA) / Business Process Management (BPM) has certain differences that clearly stands out between these two identical twins. Robotic Process Automation finds its usage with the lowest level of technical knowledge in individuals managing these software robots. Let us not take all of it in this section only, but let us take a walk through in an organized manner to gain the most of this technology.

  • learn mulesoft software company headquartered in San Francisco, California that provides integration software for connecting applications, data and devices.
    Mule is an event-based architecture, Actions within a Mule network are triggered by either event occurring in Mule or external systems. Mulesoft events always contain some sort of data, the payload. The payload is used or manipulated by components and a set of properties that are associated with the processing of the event. These properties are arbitrary can be set at any time from when the event was created. The data in the event can be accessed in its original state or in its transformed state. The event will use the transformer associated with the Endpoint that received the event to transform its payload into a format that the receiving component understands.

  • There are a number of 'free' tools available.

  • Not sure about "Open Source" but functional eval versions are available from Work Fusion, UiPath & RatchetSoft

  • In our company planned to create an RPA software. RPA Definition: It is a 'robot' is a computer application that implements a man's actions with a computer user interface. I searched for RPA open source software for several days. Is there any open source tools for the RPA? I know some commercial software like "blueprime", "open span".
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  • I am using a Free RPA tool from Edgeverve which is so nice. This is mainly useful for students & developers. Refer the below link to know more about RPA

  • RPA has a fancy name and a growing number of providers however few people I have spoken to could pinpoint exact areas where RPA can be applied. So we prepared the most complete list of all RPA use cases/application areas and categorized them to in 5 buckets:

    A) Common business processes and activities

    B) Activities in commercial functions
    1. * Sales
    2. * Customer Service

    C) Activities in support functions
    1. Tech Support
    2. Technology
    3. Finance
    4. HR
    5. Operations
    6. Procurement

    D) Industry specific activities
    1. Banking
    2. Insurance
    3. Retail

    E)RPA applications for personal use such as digital assistants

    If you have more industry where RPA can be used, please comment here

  • RPA software usually includes credential management. separation of duties between development and production. and of course the tools to automate tasks in windows. The robot worker is just one component of RPA. However, If all you need is the robot worker check out scripting languages like Autoit and AutoHotkey which are free. AutoHotkey is opensource. Both have active support communities and can handle any task within windows you can imagine

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