Storing passwords in AA

I've been pressed to compare AA to BluePrism and recently was "advised" that in AA Passwords are held as clear text whilst in BP they are encrypted...obviously when accessing applications ID's and complimentary passwords are required (for the most part) so I would be surprised if AA stored passwords without securing them in some way...can anyone advise on this ?


  • well, that is not true, Credential Vault has to be used which store password in encrypted,
    you have to create the variable in Credential Vault, once you created that would be displayed in your Task ( pressing F2 ,

  • I wonder who advised you this nonsense about AA? A BP salesperson?! You would be wise to ignore that person's advise. Perhaps you should shame them on this forum.

    With many leading banks using AA and IBM brokering a strategic partnership, it would be rather unlikely that AA's security was so ridiculously poor.

  • In AA v11.x, where the Credential Vault master key is stored? I have selected Express mode, by default it has taken the key,How can i get the key?Please respond

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