Simple Best Practice Tips for Windows Application Automation

I am often asked what are the best options to automate processes for Windows Applications using Automation Anywhere version 10.X

The best practice methods which I would recommend to follow are (for applications developed using modern code developed with .NET).

  1. Smart Recorder
  2. Manage Windows Controls
  3. Screen Recorder

With old applications developed using code based on Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) I would typically recommend:

  1. Screen Recorder
  2. Object Cloning
  3. Keystrokes

Before any recording takes place, it is vital that the entire process flow is documented from beginning to end, this will ensure that the process created is as efficient as possible.

When ready to start being tasks the following preparatory steps should be followed.

• Close any open applications or windows.
• Ensure that the process has been run through at least once previously, this is to ensure that any first-time pop ups do not interrupt your recording. A good example for this, when you first open an Office product you are typically greeted by a Welcome screen on first use.

These are just some of the tips that I have picked up whilst working with the Automation Anywhere product and I hope that they will be of use.

We will be posting more tips and tricks for Automation Anywhere on this forum but for anyone needing detailed understanding of the product Extra Technology provide formal training.

The course "Automation Anywhere - ETTRAA003 – Automation Anywhere Advanced (Formal Certification) Course” can be run face-to-face or remotely to suit customer requirements, should you wish to know more about our training offerings please contact us at


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