The number of keystrokes required in an application keeps changing!!

I have created bots that mainly use keystrokes (TAB's) to move around the pages of some applications and fills the required information into the text boxes. This works fine at first but suddenly the bot doesn't go to the correct text field. This may happen after the bot has run hundreds of times without any problems. The applications front end looks exactly the same but now requires an extra tab for example to land on the correct text box!! This type of problem is happening to quiet a few of the bots so constantly having to make adjustments which wastes so much time!!
Does anyone else have these problems? Is object cloning a better way to move around the page? If so, why does object cloning sometimes fail to find the desired object? Also why do mouse clicks work on the development client but not on the bot runner?
A lot of questions but AA is proving more troublesome than I thought it would and considering not using it at all for RPA.


  • I'm using the Automation Anywhere RPA tool.I am entering text into text boxes on a web form with values I take from a SQL DB. To move from one text box to the next on the web form I use keystrokes (TAB's) in the AA task rather than object cloning. This will run reliably for hundreds of task runs but then fails because the incorrect text box is arrived at.The layout of the web form has not changed but the required number of keystrokes (TAB's) to arrive at the required text box has suddenly changed.This is proving to be very confusing as to why this can happen and making the Task Bots unreliable – Anyone else experience this or have a solution?

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