Commands which cannot be used?

Hi All,

Can I know which are the command which cannot be used in automation anywhere. I mean to ask that which command cannot work properly?


  • Commands that I have experienced difficulty with are mouse clicks. They work while developing a task on the client machine but don't work when task uploaded to the bot runner.

  • That depends on resolution, if development machine resolution and the bot runner machine resolution are not same then the mouse click command doesn't work properly.

  • What about Image Recognition will it work fine, because one of my co-worker told me that this command doesn't work properly and this was told by automation anywhere team itself, he said to me.

  • Image recognition is working properly in my production bot. its depend on you. how accurate you take target image in Version 11.3

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    I have the same screen resolution set on both the bot runner and development machine and mouse clicks are still unreliable so have avoided using them in tasks.

  • I have another question to ask. What is secure recording how to enable it?

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    Secure Recording is Something you can Enable/Disable in Control Room. If you Enable Secure Recording - Sensitive data Such as SSN - Credit card Info etc will not be visible. All Commands such as Object Cloning, Image Recog etc will not capture any Images or Data but can be Automated.

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