Drying Process of Rice Polisher Equipment

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equipment has outstanding advantages in the process of processing rice, it is very popular among urban, rural large, medium and small rice processing factories and rice processing households. However, in order to help everyone better use the rice processing equipment, today we will focus on the working principle, drying process and maintenance of rice polisher equipment, and hope to help everyone.

Drying process requirements for rice polisher machinery:

  1. Before the rice is dried, the groceries in the rice, such as rice core and rice shell, should be removed by cleaning, which can increase the drying efficiency and prevent the fire from being caught during drying.

  2. The rice that needs to be dried should be grouped according to the difference in moisture and then dried. The difference in rice moisture of the rice drying equipment should not exceed 3%.

  3. When drying, measure the temperature and moisture of the dried rice every 20 minutes and record it on the production report.

  4. When the rice after drying is stored for more than one month, the moisture of the rice should be reduced to 14.5 or less.

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