Reasons for Material Deviation of Rice Polisher Equipment

The powder cleaning machine is an independent milling and selecting equipment in Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)

equipment. It mainly uses the combination of sieving and airflow to separate pure endosperm granules, gluten endosperm and bran chips with similar particle size and quality. The process provides relatively pure materials and provides conditions for the production of high-quality flour. Although it has high efficiency, it is inevitable that some failures will occur, and material deviation is one of the common failures. Then, why does the powder cleaning machine of rice polisher equipment have a material deviation? Let's take a look at it together.

The reasons for the deviation of the materials of the rice polisher equipment are mainly the unevenness of the sieve body and the incorrect movement of the sieve body. The correct operation in the two cases is as follows:

First, the rice polisher equipment screen is not flat

  1. The screen body is not installed properly, and the leveling frame should be re-padded.

  2. The axial stiffness of the rubber spring is inconsistent and the amount of compression is different. Replace the rubber spring selected by the force to make the same amount of compression and leveling.

  3. Correct the sieve body, whether it is "three legs", and if so, add adjustment pads until the four feet are at the same level.

Second, the rice polisher equipment screen movement track is not correct

  1. The excitation force of each of the two motors is different. Adjust the weight of one of the two sets to make the two the same.

  2. The combined force of the excitation forces of the two motors does not pass through the longitudinal symmetry plane of the screen. Loosen the “U”-shaped fastening bolts and adjust the position of the motor to make it symmetrical with the other.

  3. The excitation force of each of the two motors is different from the horizontal angle. The angle between one and the other is adjusted to be about 70.

  4. The rubber spring is deformed and replaced with a new spring.

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