Execution of Maintenance System for Paddy Husker Equipment

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equipment, it is necessary to establish the concept of product quality. Without the guarantee of quality, there will be no guarantee of production, and there will be no guarantee of the quality of processed rice. Therefore, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the performance and quality of paddy husker equipment. Before using the paddy husker equipment, first check whether the welding parts inside and outside the equipment are firm, whether the parts are deformed or broken, etc. Check whether the bolts of the connection parts of the machine are well installed, the transmission wheels, the tensioning wheels and the wheel ends. Whether the fixing nut is installed completely and securely.

Once again, we must strictly follow the operation rules of paddy husker equipment, do a good job of safety protection measures, and implement the maintenance and repair system of paddy husker equipment to prevent the equipment from running.

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between the various systems of paddy husker equipment, such as the peeling rate of the anterior skin mill and the powder extraction rate of the front middle heart mill. Try to reduce the unscreened rate. In the operation of paddy husker equipment changes to comply with a high degree of stability and a high degree of flexibility, any machine is not a rigid machine, can be flexibly applied.

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