Paddy Husker Equipment for Load Commissioning

In the past, the Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG)

equipment has the disadvantages of aging models and poor quality of the milled rice. The new paddy husker complete sets of equipment can easily solve the disadvantages of the previous equipment. Before the paddy husker machine completes the equipment, the users need to The equipment performs load debugging work, which is the premise to ensure the safe use of the equipment, but the method that can be used for load debugging work is different. Which methods can be adopted for the load debugging work of the paddy husker machine complete equipment?

Load debugging method for paddy husker complete equipment:

Load debugging method a thickness of the flow: the material is spread over the second layer of the screen surface and moves in a wavy "boiling" state, and the lower layer is preferably half of the transparent glass observation window.

Load debugging method 2 The size of the reverse wind: control the anti-air blow, so that the cross and wheat form a clear dividing line (the stone area is generally about 5cm), the stone is normal, and the stone contains the compound requirement, which is the normal working state. The distance between the anti-drying damper and the screen surface is about 15-20mm.

Load Debugging Method Three Suspension Speed ??Test: The granules beat or feel good on the sieve surface.

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