Precautions for The Use of Rice Grader Equipment

The Rice Grader(LIANGGONG)

equipment is an uncommon mechanical device that we can see in many foods processing plants, which shows that it is actually very popular with this industry, so about how much do you know about this device?

After the deterioration of the crops, the quality will also change. If the water is used for washing, the rice grader equipment can remove the metamorphic rice doped with it. When people began to understand how to grow crops, rice has already appeared. It can be said that it is a pioneer of food. Rice grader equipment has played an icing on the cake, allowing rice to be produced faster and better, allowing companies to complete processing in a short period of time, greatly improving the company's production efficiency and saving business costs.

When using rice grader equipment, pay attention to the power source and gas source that are suitable for the equipment. Turn off the air source and power supply before cleaning the rice grader equipment; the rice processing equipment is running with electrical adjustment components, and cannot be washed directly with water. The machine itself, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock, affecting the electrical adjustment components; to ensure the adaptability of the grounding. Effective control of rice grader equipment can reduce unnecessary wear during use and effectively extend the service life of the rice grader equipment.

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