Several Factors to be Aware of When Handling Paddy Separator Equipment

The rice that everyone eats is produced through the processing of Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG)

equipment. It may be said that many people have not seen this equipment, but as long as we know that the rice that we eat every day is good and nutritious, it is processed by the equipment. It’s just fine. It is necessary to do the corresponding maintenance work in order to ensure the stability of the equipment when using it.

For the use of paddy separator equipment, try to carry out indoors, the appropriate temperature can increase work efficiency. For air volume adjustment, the air volume control valve is usually opened to a larger position, the air volume is too small, and the air duct under the main unit is easy to precipitate materials. In addition, dust and debris should be cleaned in time to avoid reaction with equipment, causing corrosion of parts and reducing service life.

Regular sterilization is also an important part of the cleaning of paddy separator equipment. It should not be forgotten that this is very important for paddy separator equipment. Regular sterilization is very important for the machine. Only the regular sterilization of the machine can make its processing quality more secure.

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