Precautions for Rice Polisher Equipment in Summer

When the temperature of the flour produced by the Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)

equipment is relatively high, the gap of the grinding roller should be adjusted. If it is found to be the cause of the wear of the grinding roller, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Rice polisher equipment should pay special attention in the summer to grasp the heat dissipation of the machine. The reason for this situation in rice polisher equipment is that the steering of the main shaft is incorrect and the screen is worn.

In addition, electrical safety is also very important. Due to the high temperature season, the heating of rice polisher equipment will be more serious. Tripping of electrical equipment is a common thing, so it should be checked and patrolled in time, and the abnormal situation will be solved immediately, and the aging will be replaced in time. Electrical equipment and wiring will completely solve the safety hazard.

Summer is also a season of high failures, pay attention to the noise that occurs during use:

  1. The flour unit will have a squeaking sound during the operation, which is the need to add grease to the bearing lack of oil.

  2. If the flour machine has a "beep" sound, this is the sound of the ball turning, which is generally caused by lack of oil and needs to be refueled.

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