Briefly Describe The Watering Method of Rice Polisher

Do you know about the Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)

machine in rice processing equipment? In fact, the polishing of rice polisher equipment mainly refers to wet rubbing rice, which is a white rice that meets certain precision. After being adjusted by water and humidity, it is sent into the rice polisher machine to make the rice grain crystal clear and not adhere to the powder. Improve its storage performance and improve the utilization value of processed rice products.

There are several main methods for watering rice polisher machines in rice processing equipment:

  1. Adding water to the burette: Control the amount of water by adjusting the amount of water droplets per minute, and the water droplets directly enter the polishing chamber.

  2. Compressed air spray: The water is atomized by the high pressure gas stream generated by the air compressor, and the rice grains are watered and wetted through the atomization zone. The amount of water is controlled by the flow meter.

  3. Water pump water: The electric water pump is used to make the water form a spray through the nozzle, and the rice grain is watered and wetted through the atomization area. The amount of water is controlled by the nozzle aperture size, water pressure changes, and flow meter.

  4. Spraying water: The water controlled by the flowmeter forms atomization through the high-pressure airflow generated by the blower, and enters the polishing chamber together with the air to wet the surface of the rice. The amount of water is positively related to the motor.

  5. Ultrasonic atomization: An ultrasonic atomizer atomizes the water and then sends it to the feeding hopper of the polishing machine, thereby immersing the rice grains passing through the feeding hopper with water and moistening.

The watering methods of the above several rice polisher machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. In comparison, the effect of ultrasonic atomization is better. This is because the ultrasonic atomized droplets are atomized finely, the surface of the rice grains is uniform in water, the control is simple, and the amount of water can be adjusted at will, and the ultrasonic atomizing device has a small footprint, no noise, and convenient operation and maintenance.

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