Method for Controlling Energy of Rice Polisher Equipment

In the process of using Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)

equipment, a lot of power consumption will be generated. If enterprises want to control the energy consumption of electricity and reduce the cost of the enterprise when using rice polisher equipment, they need to start from the following aspects:

  1. In the process of polishing and producing rice, you should master the electricity usage of rice polisher equipment. A workshop should be subdivided into several workshop departments or sub-processes as accurately as possible. The electricity required by these sub-processes can be converted by integer power. Measurement methods are used to determine accurately.

  2. Rice polisher equipment When energy consumption is high, power measurement is also a cooperative method to indicate production operations. Therefore, in the production of rice polisher equipment, it is necessary to strictly implement equipment maintenance and repair plans, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.

  3. During the use of rice polisher equipment, “peak production” can be adopted. By dividing energy utilization into different periods, the energy-intensive production process can be placed in a period of low electricity consumption rate.

  4. The hardware consumption of rice polisher equipment should also be paid attention to, the maintenance work should be done in use, the wear rate of the parts should be reduced, and the maintenance cost can be reduced.

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