Object cloning restores windows HELP

I was using object cloning to do some tasks in internet explorer. I added the commands and cloned the actions on a maximized screen. I selected the corresponding window from the drop down list to capture the object and the command worked just fine. I then changed the window name to a variable, and although the bot does work, it started to restore (not maximized) the window. This happens with every object cloning command I add. I tried using the maximize window command after the first object cloning but the next object cloning command will restore the window again. I will probably end up writing a new bot from scratch but I'm hoping I can find another solution. Any help would be appreciated.


  • There is XML to add to the AA settings to prevent this that I am currently looking for as well
    http://www.anyautomationanswers.com/discussion/342/windows-resizing-during-execution#latest In case mine gets answered first

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    • During task execution, you may come across where Application Window getting resized when using Image Recognition, Object Cloning and other commands.
    Follow below steps :
    Go to the Automation Anywhere Application Path folder [Refer to Tools->Options->Advanced Settings for Application Path Folder]
    Look for AA.Settings.xml file.
    1. Open AA.Settings.xml file in notepad.
    2. Search for <Player> tag
    3. Add below tag under the player tag.

    1. Close Automation Anywhere and re-login to Automation Anywhere Client.
      Re run the task, now the window should not resize.
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