Select The Feeder of The Rice Polisher Equipment

As people's quality of life continues to rise, many people have begun to pay attention to the aspects of eating. After all, people eat food for the day, and eating well is also beneficial to our health. Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG)

equipment can process rice, and the operation of rice polisher equipment is inseparable from the feeder, so the role of the feeder should also be understood.

Rice polisher equipment is the main equipment for the production of coarse grains. The role of the feeder is to feed the material into the conveying pipe, where the material and air are thoroughly mixed and then accelerated and transported by the gas stream. Therefore, the feeder is the throat component of the rice polisher equipment, and its structural performance has a great influence on the throughput of the rice polisher equipment, the stability of the work, and the energy consumption.

When selecting the rice polisher equipment feeder, the corresponding requirements should be met: when the material is fed into the feed pipe through the feeder, it should be able to mix well with the air. It is required that the material is evenly dispersed into the airflow, so that the acceleration, suspension and transportation of the airflow can be effectively exerted, and the material is not lost.

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