Loss of Paddy Separator Equipment

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equipment is mainly reflected in the two aspects of tangible loss and intangible loss.

The tangible loss is what we can see. It is mainly reflected in the phenomenon that the processing equipment is reduced due to friction, external force, chemical corrosion, rust, etc., the equipment processing efficiency is reduced, the equipment damage rate is increased, and the use value is reduced. . The degree of tangible loss depends mainly on the load strength it is subjected to during the work process. The greater the load strength of the equipment, the greater the degree of wear.

The intangible loss of paddy separator equipment is mainly due to the depreciation of paddy separator equipment caused by the increase of social productivity. Moreover, due to the advancement of science and technology, new processing equipment with better performance and higher efficiency has emerged. Continued use will lead to the enterprise economy. The benefit is reduced, which belongs to the loss of value of processing equipment. The faster the paddy separator technology advances, the shorter the period of renewal and replacement, and the greater the intangible loss.

For the loss of paddy separator equipment, we can reduce the physical loss by careful maintenance and regular inspection and cleaning. For the intangible loss, we can use the correct operation method to develop a detailed processing plan to make the paddy separator equipment to play a large production efficiency to compensate.

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