Operational Advantages of Paddy Cleaner Machine

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machine has simple structure, convenient operation, low energy consumption and low processing cost; only low rate, more broken rice, the key parameter tearing force of the pressure between the rollers, and the pressure of the roller of the press roller are adjusted by the weight principle of the RAM. Easy to light, the balance between the two, with the weight of the wear-resistant block of the pressure roller; the distance between the manual roller of the sheller and the rice roller of the same thickness is generally 0.5-0.8mm, and should be kept tightly. The principle of parallel feed. The main job is in the cast iron cylinder or a set of glue-bonded rubber rollers, the rubber roller level or the plastic roller section. The two rollers are at the same level or slightly out of height. It rotates at different speeds. One roller is fixed and the other roller can be moved so that the distance between the two rollers can be adjusted. Balance refers to the ability to maintain the rotation of a fixed shaft on a rotating roller, strictly speaking a dynamic balance.

Since the roller of the household paddy cleaner machine is not a precision mechanical part, and the dynamic balance is not easy to measure, the concept of static equilibrium, that is, the working quality of each part of the axis of symmetry, is commonly referred to as “the normal operation quality that has a significant impact on the operation”.

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