Detecting that a navigate URL failed?

In my task, I perform a "Navigate URL" command. I provide a URL. However, if the Web Server at that URL is down, the task continues without generating an error. Obviously that has negative effects onwards from that point. I would have imagined that we would have checked the HTTP response on opening the URL. Is there a trick / technique to detect the failure to navigate to a URL that is either not present or not available?



  • Hello - you could try to open the URL - look for a specific object on the page, if it exists then the website is available, if not, stop the task and log the error. I have sample code if you wish to review.

  • Thank you sir. I raised an enhancement request with AA at their enhancements request page to ask if the "Navigate URL" command could be changed to throw an error if the underlying HTTP response is not 200 (OK). Checking a target web page for the existence of an object, while I fully agree would work, feels like a circumvention rather than a great solution. I'm always keen to look at tasks written by experts. Maybe this portal can be augmented to create a collection of ".atmx" files that could be used as references/examples/illustrations?

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