XML Looping on multiple Nodes

I have an xml config file with multiple nodes of the same elements that I'm trying to read and extract its attributes by looping through the nodes but it's not working.

XML Example:
subform id="id1" table="t1" trigger="_add"
field name="f1" htmlid="i1" htmltype="Combobox"
field name="f2" htmlid="i2" htmltype="Textbox"
subform id="id2" table="t1" trigger="_delete"
field name="f1" htmlid="i1" field_type="Textbox"
field name="f2" html_id="i2" field_type="Textbox"

I want to be able to grab all the subform element types, then loop through them, grab their fields and loop through those also. So I need a loop within a loop. I am able to get the first loop (subform) working. I use XML Get Multiple Nodes then a loop through each node. That works fine and I am able to get the attributes for subform ID, table and trigger. I now need to extract Multiple Nodes of this subform's fields. Using the XML Get Multiple Nodes for field and looping does not work. I tried Xpath expression in 2 different ways. //config/subform[$Counter$]/field and I also tried $XML Data Node(subform)$/field. Please Help!

Thank you!



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