Time span between events

Hi , I want to know about the time laps between an event is run by automation and the time when that event is actually completed by the application.
For example, if automation opens up IE , I need to know the time between Open IE is executed and when IE is fully loaded with home page .
Is there any way to know about it in AA.


  • Hi Kamal

    This is entirely dependent on what you are running your IE / AA client on and the speed of the target website and the your network speed.

    There is no definitive answer for this. If you are hitting your own websever in your own infrastructure and you are running on powerful machines with GB network it will fly.

    If you are running on a client and trying to open IE to hit a website on the other side of the world which is not mirrored anywhere it will take as long as it takes.

    You could try running a ping to the target site and seeing how long it takes to respond.

    If you do that enough times you might get a feel for the latency.

    But of course that relies on the target site being able to return a ping which many people will switch off due to security issues.

    Sorry to not be more specific but this question is basically how long is a piece of string :smiley:

    Kind regards


  • Hi Kamal,

    You can put to variable / String operations [Depending on the date format you are using] as follows

    1. Before you launch IE, String operation...substring of $date$ and assign value of time to $starttime$
    2. After "if image recognition or wait for window..."...substring of $date$ and assign value of time to $endtime$

    Hope this helps

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