Passing Variables

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ist it possible passing variables from one task to another?
For example, one task read data from excel in a array and now i want to
access that array in another task.

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  • I'm currently using AA v10.6.2 and although passing variables is possible between tasks, the variables that are available for passing are only of the "value" type. Arrays and lists do not seem to be available for matching, which is a pity, because it would have been very useful. If anyone knows of a workaround to this limitation, please let us know!


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    Yes. It is possible. please see screenshot attached. Running one task in another task and variable used in one task are being used in the task in which first task is running. I have used variable $vError$ in running first Task and the same variable I am verifying whether it is equal or not. You can use as an example.
    Sandeep Verma

  • For passing variables between tasks, click on the sub task you want the main task's variables to be passed onto. Make sure that you have the variables you want the values to be passed set up in your sub task.

    Click 'variable' and then 'Quick Map' and this will create a variable association between all the variables between the two tasks.

    Hope this helps!


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