Alternative way to automate SAP

What are the multiple way to automate SAP application?

I know that we can use SAP GUI recorder to automate SAP, Automation anywhere command and VBScript.


  • I found the below option for SAP automation

    1. Automation is based on the type of application you are trying to automate in SAP.
      In Automation anywhere, We have below options to automate SAP.

    * SAP integration AA command : Call BAPI function (BACKEND AUTOMATION)
    * MetaBots – SAP DLL Functions
    * Object Cloning (some web based SAP Applications)

    Can we automate SAP via TASKBOT without use of METABOT?
    AA: As mentioned above some web applications can be automate.

    1. Below is List of SAP recorders can used for automation

    * SAP GUI Scripting Recorder: FRONTEND AUTOMATION
    * SHDB is used for transaction recording.
    * LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench): Importing legacy data from spreadsheet tables or sequential files to SAP

    1. VBScript for SAP automation
    2. VBA code: Excel macro (VBA)

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