Web Service Truncation question

Hello all,

I am working with a SOAP web service in my Automation Anywhere client. When running the service I am receiving a fairly long response from it and sending it to a notepad to make sure it's correct before manipulating it. The notepad is showing me that after writing about 75% of the response and stops and give me a set of characters that don't seem to mean anything. I will paste the string below. Can anyone point me toward a way to remove the restriction on response size, or making this call give me the full response within my clipboard?

Everything before this is a working part of the XML Response.

Thanks in advance, kDL



  • Can you please help me how you got soap connection done.
    I get error stating content-type should be application/soap+xml
    I tried to pass this through header. Need your help , please let me know details you added. And why there is a note says only post methods are supported in Automation Anywhere.

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