Need details on Advanced RPA professional certification in Automation anywhere

Hi ,
I am looking to do an Advanced RPA professional certification from Automation anywhere , Is there any website to register for the examination . I am working on AA from past 5 months.
I tried looking at the Automation anywhere university website but i didn't get any information on the certification which i am looking for .
Kindly need your suggestions /Help



  • Refer these below links:

    Click on "Get certified" link in this below page:

    Automation Anywhere offers certifications in various courses. You need to get yourself registered at their Partners portal (with your company’s email) and then you can access their study material and give certifications too.

    First certification that they offer is for the Advanced Professional Level in which you are required to answer 40 questions within a time limit of 40 minutes. Passing criteria is 70%. The certification is for free but you need to complete the training before giving the exam.

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